The Healing Journey

Emmanuel Dagher


This page “The Healing Journey” begins with an intention and prayer.

That the writings and guest posts that are shared here
help to serve as an opening for heart centered deep revealing
clearing out the secrets
inviting the wounds to reveal and heal
all so we can better find our freedoms.


Still I Rise by Maya Angelou




“The purpose isn’t to turn the darkness into light,
but to invite each shadow to remember its true self
as the supreme light of all by offering it
the loving support it has never received.
By loving the pain, sadness, hurt, fear, and anger within you,
by no means does it cause you to attract more of the same.
Instead, we only attract more negativity when it is judged
by its appearance or behavior, instead of being rehabilitated in the arms of love.”

– Matt Kahn


Love Our Shadows


Now is the time to love our shadows.
We all root from the Akasha!
We are all one.
My pain is your pain.
What you feel ripples through the universe,
for we are one and the same

and I too have shadows and unanswered questions and trauma and wounds

I know that they have helped me learn to nurture those tender areas…

those places that need me to squeeeeze on in there
and give myself some love…some gratitude…
some pride on those little areas
where i thought i wasn’t going to make it,….
and i did. and God got me through…


the little moments , the smiles,
the humming birds, the music, the flowers…
the little things that kept reminding me of the miracles.

Reminding me that I Am
a part of something bigger than anything
any of us could ever put into words in any language ever expressed yet…


but it is so amazing…
it is possibly the most beautiful transformation yet,
and here we are…in it.;  together.

We are all going through it…. together.
Some of us are better at hiding it…
but we are all in SAMSARA.


it is in this moment we can laugh a little…
because it is such a beautiful mess.
It is so beautiful…that we can find it..
we can find Nirvana in the chaos.
We can find our inner gratitude in all.


No one can ever take that.
Nothing can ever take that away.
It is pure love and it is infinite.
It is truth.


— Jeanine Love

Blue Ridge Natural Horsemanship