Beloved – A Song in My Heart

Oh Jah!  How I love thee!
I am so full of happiness!
My home simple
My home life simple

My Heart so full of Your Love and Goodness
Your Generosity to Me gladdens my Soul
My gratitude feels endless
My appreciations infinite

To be able to awake daily
Feeling Your presence
Knowing and Trusting in Your Love
Is Truly My Dream Come True

A Song to My Soul

It is
What I have longed for
All my life

Now that I have found You again
No longer do I see the mundane through these eyes

My eyes now live in my heart
My heart now in Yours

Heart overflowing with Your Love
Your companionship
I welcome Your embrace of Comfort


– Shema Satya

Shared to Facebook, Shema album  “2019 Shema’s Year Long Journal”