The Ideal Avatar

We are exploring who best to reach out to with invitations to join in with Heart Plan Vision

Here we gather thoughts on this “Ideal Avatar”

Definition of Avatar … in this context
Manifestation of a person or idea

There are no age, race or gender restrictions on our Ideal Avatar
As we are all in this together!



The Ideal Avatar is part of THE NEW ONE PERCENT
A concept we are flushing out here at Heart Plan Vision


Phrases our Ideal Avatar may use

I’m here to help dream the new world into being!


Terri ….. thoughts on Ideal Avatar
“I think using Law of Attraction works best.
We cannot know who in the spiritual scheme of things will need this information
in order to do things better, get inspired, who they know and will share it with.
It needs to go viral any way possible!! I wouldn’t limit members at all.
Whoever is attracted to it, is the best member!
It’s a good idea to have a target membership/audience,
so you know what to include and what not to.
But I would let people come to the page by Law of Attraction”