The New Divine Humanity

Global Social Transformation

There is a profound frequency SHIFT NOW!

Everything is changing as you know it!

Your thoughts are transforming.

Your emotions are shifting.

Your awareness is entering a new level of frequency!

YOU are literally entering a new dimension!

Your heart is expanding as BEING the home that you once sought.

You see more clearly through your Heart and this is catapulting
your awareness into a NEW WORLD.

This New World is filled with love. All the love that heals everything.

The love that ends separation memories.

The pure eternal love that is the DIVINE Union you desire.

This is your one filter, the pure eternal love that unites everything.

Your DIVINE Presence Graces you with the acknowledgment of
Divine Power flowing through you.

This is the shift into a now new dimension of existence,
which gives way to BEING the GLORY of eternity while in form.

We are with you now.

~L’Aura Pleiadian ~ The New Divine Humanity