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Issue 1:11 – Dec 7 2022
Grass Roots Organizing Is Happening, Build A New, Killer Robots, Our Genius Power

Build A New Model of the World
Create a Clearing and Wait Patiently

Hello Blessed Beings!

Concepts for an evolving world
“Align with principles not politics”
Foster Gamble, Thrive Freedom Portal

INTENT for this Issue

What Most Speaks To You this Week?

CHALLENGES Being aware of the challenges
TOXINS Updates on toxic dangers
ARISE! Humanity take to the Streets
AI and WARFARE Lethal autonomous weapons
MODELS Models of a New World
COLLABORATIONS Applying Organizing to Solutions
GOOD NEWS What we can do
LISTEN Listen Within
TIMING Auspicious Signs of Timing – Be Encouraged
GENIUS Your Genius Power and the Tipping Point
HEALTH Healing at the core
KNOWLEDGE Resources Vault

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The Challenges
Reduce Population by 50% by 2023 – says Pfizer CEO
Meme of the Week – It’s all fake ….

“Covid” Updates
Pure Blood demand grows
Big concern about contaminated blood in blood banks

China Updates
Suddenly, after mass protests, China decides Covid is weakening
And now, Nasal Spray Covid-19 Vaccine!

Humanity Arising – largest ever!
Brazil – perhaps largest protest in history of the world

AI and Warfare
Lethal autonomous weapons, killer drones, robot attack dogs

Interview of the Week – Models for a New World
One Small Town with Michael Tellinger
Buckminster Fuller Build A New Model

Good News Highlight – Collaborating Solutions
Thrive Freedom Portal, What We Can Do!

Poetry & Quotes Corner – Listening
Create A Clearing, Listening for your way to rescue this world

Energy Windows, Timing and Opportunity
Just as I was writing on Timing, Inspired Tribe Jean Nolan publishes a video
on this exact topic, more synchronicity!

The New One Percent Movement
Your Genius Power and Building Critical Mass for Tipping Point

Health Is A Big Priority – Heal At the Core

Essentially, you get the Gel for free, when buying holiday pack

Resources and Support and Vision for the Vault

– Practice Joy in Circulating Our Money

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Reduce Population by 50% by 2023 – Pfizer CEO

One minute video

What Did The CEO Of Pfizer Just Say? In his own words ….

“I think that it’s really fulfilling a DREAM that we had together with my leadership team when we started in 2019. The first week we met in January of 2019 in California to set up the goals for the next 5 years and one of them was by 2023 we will reduce the number of people in the world by 50 percent. I think today this DREAM is becoming reality.”

and then …..

We have no further information to share,’ says Albert Bourla
Dec 5 2022


It was all fake


Big concern about contaminated blood in blood banks from the vaccinated

SafeBlood Donation, their long-term goal of opening blood banks
that provide its members with unvaccinated plasma

See our page

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Suddenly, after mass protests, China decides Covid is weakening
Perhaps People Rising Up and Saying No, Does Have Impact!

“An outpouring of public anger appears to have prompted authorities
to lift some of the more onerous restrictions”

Our page on
and just in the news!

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Brazil 3 million protest election

“I’m no expert on the history of protests,
but I think these may be the biggest protests the world has ever seen,”
Brazil expert Fernando Teles told German website Free World.
“People are very angry. That isn’t really like the Brazilians at all,
who are usually pretty laid back.”

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Lethal autonomous weapons

I just compiled this page

This will be in the news more. Best we do our research, you think?
This page of mine begins with an Advocacy group, Stop Killer Robots,
and goes all the way back to 2013, and UN discussions.

Negotiating a Treaty on Autonomous Weapons Systems

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Models for a New World

Read about this amazing concept
and pilot projects are now underway!

One Small Town Michael Tellinger

Interview with Foster Gamble, Thrive Freedom Portal

Turning Small Towns Into Places of Prosperity and Abundance

Michael has taken on the central bankers in South Africa,
unveiled the energy secrets of ancient cultures and
devised a game-changing model for communities of a thriving future.

In the spirit and wisdom of Buckminster Fuller
It is time we build a New Model of the World

Buckminister Fuller build new

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Some of you may know Foster and Kimberly Gamble
and their production of the wonderful films,
and Thrive 11

I pulled this screenshot from a conversation Foster was having
with the Freedom Portal network (in their paid member area).
This is an excellent list.

And topics we are also flushing out here with the New One Percent.

Freedom Portal What can we do and protect

Thanks to Foster Gamble of Thrive Freedom Portal for this graphic

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Do not try to save the whole world or do anything grandiose.

Instead, create a clearing in the dense forest of your life
and wait there patiently,

Until the song that is your life falls into your own cupped hands
and you recognize and greet it.

Only then will you know how to give yourself to this world
so worthy of rescue.

~ Martha Postlethwaite

Gift of love to listen


Reflecting on Timing – Auspicious signs – Sometimes we just
have to be patient until the Universe says, now is the time


Divine synergy happened again for me.
Right after I write this segment for the newsletter,
I then happen upon the wonderful video, See link below
I found it In complete alignment with my thoughts on timing
And Jean Nolan did great job of describing how we
Are getting better coordinated

Exciting times indeed!
My new page on

Is where I shared my reflections on Timing

And it also has my highlight notes from
12 min video by Inspired Tribe Jean Nolan

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Collaborating In a Shared Harmonious Vision

When thinking about the
and what it takes to create a Tipping Point to Mass Awakening,
I reflect on Steven Greer speaking on the ‘Quality of the Consciousness’
of the people will impact how many are needed for the critical mass.

Consider this
From my books library, I opened to this page,
and it felt a perfect message for here

Your Genius Powers Respond to Harmony
by Catherine Ponder

“Where there is a common purpose you have great power to achieve, as long as you are attuned to others who agree with your purpose.

Through this process, you tune in on higher powers and ideas for making your goal a result.

Just by thinking about an objective in this way will cause the objective to reveal its own method of attainment, but you must preserve in giving it your attention.

However, harmony agreement, mutual consent and common purpose are of utmost importance in releasing creative imagination as genius power in a corporate or group situation.

If even one of the persons working with you does not harmonize with your objective, that one can so fill the air with thoughts of doubt, fear and antagonism that the negative atmosphere will halt the flow of creative ideas.

From a corporate standpoint, you must carefully choose your associates in order to release your genius power of creative imagination.

Both of your genius powers – intuition and creative imagination – respond best to harmonious minds.

Your genius powers are delicate powers that come forth forcefully only under receptive conditions of mind and atmosphere.”

Catherine Ponder, The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity

Portals 3

Armed with an archive
of key topics that are in play
During this time of great upheaval,
breakdown to a breakthrough.
I see opportunity for confidence,
as we are able to access the wealth of
knowledge, facts and research – easily

14 Overview Topics, 237 Specialty Pages
And adding more weekly

Along with an Index of all the special topics on one page

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Heal At the Core
Nano Soma remains my key foundational support
for healing at the core

has my collection of videos and information,
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In next week’s newsletter,
look for my updates on testimonies of healing from covid and vax effects

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Circulate money with Joy!

With your help, we can work to
create visions and collaborations for our Great Awakening,
assuring the tipping point is reached, and reached soon!

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