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Issue 1:14 – Dec 28 2022
Happy New Year, Letting Go, Free Energy, Getting Real With You, and More!
Consciousness Is Key
Free Energy Is At Our Fingertips

Greetings My Friends,

Wishing everyone a most wonderful New Year and hoping everyone gets a chance to relax a bit after the holidays.

Our Consciousness Is Key
And what will most potently raise our frequencies

Remembering the truth of who we are, Infinite Consciousness, Beings of Light, living through this 3D experience. My biggest focus now is to keep that upper most in my mind, from the moment I awake from that state of blissful sleep, throughout the day.

Maximum vigilance with watching my thoughts.

My Prime Question

And my biggest question currently is,
How do we keep this remembrance while also working to preserve our freedoms?

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I wonder how it is for all of you. I struggle with the anxiety of these times

I refuse to cave in to overwhelm, thinking we can have no influence over these major events. I absolutely BELIEVE we are so powerful.

These are my top 3 concerns.

1. How do we bring an end to the Gates and Gang with all their Tabletop exercises, trying so hard to move forward with their depopulation agenda.

2. And the Global Pandemic Treaty trying to be enforced so that we lose our individual State rights to our medical freedoms.

3. Along with the looming social credit system, aiming to control how we spend our money, and punish us is we go against the system, while also planning to bring an end to cash.

Ways to say I love you

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WHILE AT THE SAME TIME, not getting much attention, but there is good news being developed. Steven Greer’s Lost Century Project most inspires me.

Free energy/zero point technologies are at our fingertips

Scheduled for release Spring 2023

“Climate change, biosphere collapse, poverty, hunger, pandemics, energy shortages, religious and political tribalism and endless wars for natural resources have us teetering on the edge of extinction. What if all of these devastations were completely avoidable all along? What if through collective action, we can reclaim this lost century within the next 20 years?

Featured in the film will be actual free energy/zero point technologies that have existed for over a hundred years AND brand new ones that Dr. Greer’s team have investigated — and TESTED as real!”

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My big breakthrough this last week was finding the liberation to start tossing my paperwork backlog and my books. I’m looking at 10 boxes, that finally I’m just tossing, not even having to review them much.

Inspired by the desire to

Releasing the burdens and weight of, “I’ll get to these someday promises”. Finally admitting SOMEDAY never comes.

Maybe timing has something to do with the ability to let go. I’ve dreamed of just tossing full boxes of papers without even looking at the contents. For many years.

I don’t know what the magic formula was, that suddenly I now have the clarity to just let go. To toss and dump!

I do know I am very grateful.

And how are you doing with any decluttering aspirations?

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When I first started this newsletter, in Sept 2022, I jumped in with all my passion. Allowing myself to experiment, knowing there is learning in the showing up imperfectly.

And admittedly, my perfectionism probably had me overdoing the content. Currently, I’m doing this all solo, and easily spending 15 to 20 hours a week on research and writing the newsletter.

So I need to switch things up come the new year. Or else I will probably burn out.

It’s time now to proactively explore creative ways to find out what people really are finding of most benefit, along with the biggest challenges you all face.

In addition I feel a need to get a better read on how the tribe is preparing to show up in 2023 for the challenges that await us.

To build the momentum we need for the tipping point, it’s so important to feel our connection, and communicate well together.


My contribution will continue to be this newsletter, though with less content in each issue. And surely this commitment will lead to new directions. Additionally, creating new topic pages added to my Vault of research

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