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Issue 1:16 – Jan 11 2023
REMOVAL of Human Dignity, Rights & Freedom , Damar Hamlin,
Covid psyop coming unglued

The Mainstream Media Spin
Having The Difficult Conversations

Greetings Everyone,

2023! Time for Action!

In this Issue

Covid-19 Declared War on Humanity
A bioweapon masquerading as a ‘vaccine’!
Support the Covid-19 Take Down
WHO Has Written a REMOVAL of Human Dignity, Rights & Freedom Stop!
Exit The WHO, World Health Organization
The People’s Treaty
Boosters Causing Cancers!
Protesters in Brazil invade government buildings – Military protects protesters
Damar Hamlin – A National Red Pill Moment, or More Denial?


Karen Kingston Doing Tremendous Work
Here are my related resource pages
– A bioweapon masquerading as a ‘vaccine’!

the promotion and administration of mRNA VACCINES

Mi Fight Covid19 Take Down

COVID-19 Declared War on Humanity

Millions of lives have been lost, not due to a virus, but due to COVID-19 government policies and medical counter measures. Propaganda, policies and products have done irreparable harm to the nations of humanity, our communities, and our children.

No war in the history of mankind has produced the catastrophic level of lost lives, economic harm, and global destruction of freedom as the COVID-19 War on Humanity. It’s time we reunite and take down COVID-19″

In this video and slide show, Karen reveals the bio-weapon

Interview on FrankSpeech
With slideshow

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Deep Thanks and Appreciation for James Roguski
and his Efforts To Alert Us To What the WHO, World Health Organization,
is up to – extremely time sensitive

Dec 19 2022 Interview with Maria Zeee

Dec 30 2022
Excellent discussion on what the plans are and what to do and resources available

“We The People” must expose and take command of this corrupt process, which is currently being conducted under great secrecy. Join our DAILY ZOOM MEETING to share your ideas and suggestions.

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NOW is the time to take action to stop this.

The Proposed Amendments to The International Health Regulations
Dec 16 2022
seek to remove respect for your dignity, human rights and fundamental freedoms.

CALL TO ACTION: “We the People” must join together to demand our rights and defend our freedoms.

“The People’s Treaty” is designed to be a simple starting point in response to the World Health Association’s proposed “Pandemic Treaty.”

The Peoples Amendments

Cancer Cases Exploding

Jan 5 2023 – 2 min video

Shema’s research page:


Jan 8 2023

“Unprecedented protests in Brazil against corruption by the Deep State. National Congress, Supreme Court and Senate are invaded.

The army initially prevents Federal police from arresting protesters, but eventually steps aside.”

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Will this be enough to awaken the sports world?

Here is my resource page listing all these links

Damar Hamlin – Our prayers hold steady for his full recovery. For this newsletter issue, on Jan 4 I began tracking what transpires over these next few weeks. How will Damar’s cardiac arrest be handled in the media circus? Did the Covid injection play a part?

Will a honest discussion happen?
Will doctors reveal the diagnosis?

Jan 5 2023 – short update

This longer interview is excellent

Children’s Health Defense
Jan 4 2023

Damar Hamlin is discussed in depth

Cardiologist, Dr. Peter McCullough, contributes his expertise on sudden athlete deaths and other related SADS cases. Calling for an investigation into these surprising events, Dr. McCullough outlines potential contributing factors to these collapses

Jan 5 2023

Damar Hamlin’s sudden collapse on live TV during Monday night’s NFL game triggered an avalanche of media coverage, with experts weighing in on what might have caused the 24-year-old player’s cardiac arrest after what appeared to be a routine tackle.

In this news clip, It’s called

Excellent Article

Jan 3, 2023

Memo to Commissioner Goodell

“Hey, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, let’s roll the dice. Go ahead, release the complete list of the unvaccinated and the double dosed, boosted players, too. Let’s aim for radical transparency.

Or won’t the league’s crisis response team allow for this kind of transparency and then open the issue of Covid vaccines into a public forum. Isn’t that what the NFL is all about, education at the inner-city level?

Okay, I get it. Before real transparency, the NFL sponsors will team with Big Pharma to craft a medical cover story that excludes any mention of the Covid injection or Hamlin’s vaccine status.

It’s time for the NFL and the NFLPA to tell the players the truth before the next vaccinated player suffers a tragic fate. The NFL playoffs are less that two weeks away with the Super Bowl looming on the horizon.

Vaccine roulette no longer favors the NFL or Big Pharma.

They are one more vaccine-injured player away from the Covid psyop coming unglued.”

Jan 10 2023

“Student Athletes … If you have received doses of any Covid shot, we will not be able to clear you to compete in sports without performing lab work and possibly an echocardiogram to rule out potential heart damage.”

Heart test sign at Student Clinic

Some of you know of my extensive research on these related topics.

How Athletes have been dropping by the thousands
since the covid injection was unleashed on humanity.
Here are some of the my related archives

And my main overview page on this theme,
with over 35 individual topic pages

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Mainstream Media Downplaying Athlete Deaths
Decide for yourself.
Is fair reporting being done?

By Angelo Fichera, The Associated Press
Jan 4 2023
This article even references Cardiologist, Dr. Peter McCullough (see interview with CHD above) and pretty much tries to discount Dr McCullough.

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