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Issue 1:18 – Jan 25 2023
Ingredients for Reaching Critical Mass, A New Health Paradigm,
CBDCs What to Do, and more!

Imagining Our Desired World
Transcending the Plandemic Narrative

Greetings Designers of the New World!

In this Issue
Imagining Our Desired State, As the World Crumbles Around Us
12 Possible Ingredients for Reaching Critical Mass
CBDCs – Central Bank Digital Currencies, plus free educational event
Possible Reasons Jab May Not Harm Some Individuals
Moving into a New Health Paradigm
Transcending the Plandemic Narrative
Engage, do not sit back passively ‘trusting the plan’
Sat Jan 28, UN whistleblower to expose it’s dark secrets
Macrocosm and Microcosm are reflections of each other
The Universe is holographic

Neil Kramer Truth

WE BECOME … “We become that which we relate to
We assume the likeness of that which we contemplate
Imagine the desired state
Rather than attack
That which we want to free ourselves from”

A Question for Contemplation

As the old world crumbles
And seeds of possible new worlds emerge
How do we best stay
Conscious, informed, empowered and creative
So to create the best of worlds?

Imagining how to stay informed
of the evils being unleashed upon humankind,
taking empowered actions,
while at the same time
offering the best imaginative ideas
for a wonderous world.

Additional Resource:

Respect see darkness and keep light

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“If I am a person who is part of the new one percent (this building of critical mass for awakening), what does my day look like?”

In response, I came up with this first draft of ideas
Please, customize this and add to it
Let us know what your list would look like
Send to:

Page 1 of 12 Points for Mass Awakening

Page 2 of 12 Points for Mass Awakening

Page 4 of 12 Point for Mass Awakening

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CBDCs Central Bank Digital Currencies are no longer a theory …
they’re an active threat.

CBDC Opt Out Challenge chart map

David Sorensen of Stop World Control has an excellent overview on CBDCs at this page

John Bush has an empowering free 5 day event coming up re: CBDC’s

“CBDCs will grant governments and banks the power to spy on you, freeze or ‘delete’ your money, and punish you for thought-crimes

Discover how to opt out of the CBDC control grid using proven tools, strategies, and resources…

Governments and central banks are working overtime to roll out CBDCs. Even the New York Federal Reserve admitted in December 2022 that they’re hard at work on a CBDC and have completed “stage one” of testing.

The FREE 5-Day CBDC Opt Out Challenge will reveal a proven, step-by-step method for buying and selling goods and services outside of the central bank financial system using alternative currencies, free markets, and powerful communities of freedom-loving people”

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Vax less harm to some reasons

Also reference our overview page

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Kaufman Transcend Narrative

by Dr. Andrew Kaufman

“This special presentation from the Weston A. Price Foundation’s in 2022, by Dr. Andrew Kaufman, explains the required efforts that will move us into a new health paradigm. Dr. Andy reveals the fallacious nature of today’s “Scientific” theories, and explains in some detail the real scientific method that anyone can use to his or her advantage, to become their own health authority!”

A Few Key Notes from presentation

“According to a whistleblower from Silicon Valley, they already have credit scores on each of us. They just have not revealed it yet.”

Dr Kaufman goes over 10 ‘wrong scientific theories’ and then offers 10 empowering health truths

‘Believe in yourself and your ability to understand and your ability to become healthy . Actually that is part of the treatment itself.

Because if you can envision yourself returning to health, increasing your vitality,
then that will actually come to fruition.’

Really, what is going on with what we call ‘disease’
is actually our body healing.”

Exit the Matrix

If the link to Dr Kaufman does not open, please use this:

Related resource pages from Shema’s vault

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Cycle over and over again

Shema’s Related Resource page

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United Nations interview

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The New One Percent Version 1

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Transcending The Plandemic Illusion