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Issue 1:20 – Feb 8 2023
Things You Can Do, A Vax Primer, Directed Evolution,
New Shema Diary Notes, and Much More!

High Coherence and Neutrality
From Separation to Oneness

Greetings Beloved Humans!

In this Issue
Stay In The Love Vibration
10 Things You Can Do Today To Weaken The System
Nurses Out Loud, Celebrating Nurses Who Have Stood Strong
Book Recommendation, A Vax Primer and Guide for Conversations
Rasmussen Reports – 1 in 4 Think Vax Killed Someone They Know
Project Veritas, Pfizer Executive, ‘Directed Evolution’, Video Censored
Moving from Separation to Oneness, The Wingmakers
Share Your Truth, Be Your Authentic You
New! Shema Diary Notes

Be Informed
Stay Together
Push Back
Stay in the Love Vibration
– Michael Jaco

Jaco Stay in Love Vibration

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By Jason Christoff
Jason has put together an excellent list

Here are some highlights (and my additions) from Jason’s ’10’
Open for full details
1. Withdraw support of corporate monopoly business and banks as much as possible.
2. Get free of foods that poison the body. Eat with awareness and self love.
3. Moderate the use of the TV. Be aware of it’s ‘programming’. Jason recommends two documentaries about this.
4. Keep cash alive. Say no to digital control of our lives (CBDCs, Central Banks Digital Currencies)
5. Support farmers markets, organic farmers, and be strong in good nutrition. Strength makes it easier to say no to evil.
6. Exercise, stretch, be a healthy weight for you, have fun enjoying physical activities.
7. Detach from the cell phone, it’s radiation, and the metaverse within the phone world. Use it minimally.
8. Create small business that serves others, rather than take jobs in government (it’s not a utopia) – unless you can keep you soul intact while working in the government and truly serve the people.
9. Unschool your children from the government education system. Jason recommends a book on this.
10. Commit to life affirming thoughts and activities. Reject what doesn’t nourish and support you. Do not comply to the control grid and DO insist on Informed Consent always.

Walk 2 paths as transition

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“… a unique talk show from a nurse’s perspective on life, politics, current events, and medical field happenings.

While many nurses seemed to fall into the trance of the “Follow The Science” mantra, there were those of us who stood strong, albeit, alone. As each of us traveled our own journey through a dark and rugged terrain, we carried inside of us a light. Much like our predecessor, Florence Nightingale, we were ladies with lamps – By each of us shining our light onto darkness, these beacons led us to one another, and then eventually, to all of you.”

Medical Freedom Movement and Community
In Conversation

Nurses Out Loud

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My motivation for sharing this book with you is this.

For those of us who struggle as we lose friends and family due to the divide on the issue to vax or not to vax, perhaps this book may help to communicate with confidence and compassion.

BOOK: Turtles All The Way Down, Vaccine Science and Myth

“The book is intended for parents overwhelmed by conflicting messaging on this important topic.

Also an excellent reference for medical researchers and professionals who seek a better understanding of vaccine safety science.

Whether you are new to the vaccine debate or a “veteran” seeking a deeper grasp of the science, this book is a must-read.

It also serves as an excellent primer on vaccination to share with friends and relatives who may benefit from a deep dive into the subject.”

Turtles All The Way Down Vaccine Science and Myth

Well Organized and Important Information
This is from Amazon reviews ….

“Every chapter ends with an argument a doctor will present to you as to why he/she believes that vaccines are safe and effective. This is followed up with an answer that will silence and dumbfound them. The evidence that our mainstream “science” has compiled for themselves on how unsafe and ineffective these shots are is summarized in this book in a way that is easy to understand so it can be used against the medical establishment leaving them no way to argue back. It’s a must have book for anyone who does not want to have this poison pushed upon them with no evidence to its usefulness.”

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Rasmussen Reports

“The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that (49%) of American Adults believe it is likely that side effects of COVID-19 vaccines have caused a significant number of unexplained deaths.

The documentary has been criticized as promoting “debunked” anti-vaccine conspiracy theories but has been seen by some 15 million people.”

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Project Veritas and a Pfizer Executive, ‘Directed Evolution’
Video Censored
Pfizer Appears To Admit Involvement in Covid-19 Mutations

Pfizer Responses to Veritas Expose

After 800,000 Views, YouTube takes down the Project Veritas
Video on Jordon Trishton Walker

… ‘COVID is Going to be a Cash Cow for Us’ … ‘That is Not What We Say to the Public’ … ‘People Won’t Like That’ … ‘Don’t Tell Anyone’
Jan 25 2023
Posted on Project Veritas with a portion of transcript

Dr Peter McCullough

“Who is manipulating the genetic code of Sars-CoV-2? This is enormously dangerous. Immediate probe for criminal activity needs to be done.

Also, there needs to be a wide spread censorship probe with YouTube being ordered to take down the Project Veritas video.”

Shema’s resource page on
Includes many related links on the expose of

Jordon Trishton Walker
Pfizer Director of Research and Development,
Strategic Operations and mRNA Scientific Planning

Project Veritas Pfizer

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Humanity in process, it requires ongoing practice

As I continue to explore and share with you …
how do we take down the system, build anew, while also knowing that,
that which seeks to control and enslave us,
is somehow within us too, as we are ONE.
– Shema

“… Upon the merging of your will with that of First Source … devoted to the Great Cause. Joined endeavor of all you are with all that Is. Desire the Will of First Source to take ascendancy in your life.”

The Wingmakers

Wingmakers Sovereign Integral Process 1_11

Activate and nourish the energetic heart inside of you High coherence and neutrality – acquired through practice

Video at: 2hr 10min: The circle is all inclusive or it is an illusion. It is a process, individually and for all of humanity. We work on it together. Resist behaviors of separation and Insert behaviors of oneness and equality.

It has to be done. When does humanity want to do it? Now or sometime in the future?

Shema’s Resource Page from the Vault

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The New One Percent Version 1

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What we appreciate expands
So keep appreciating
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Keep being you
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Authentic in our knowing of self
– Shema

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Shema Diary Notes

Feb 8 2023
Newsletter: Continued inspired ideas coming in, as to ways to further develop this newsletter, ever better connecting the dots, and inspiring humanity to engage in designing our new world. Next in development is using mind maps, canva graphics, and archiving newsletter issues by category topics.

Belief work: Beginning journaling on the theme of looking at my beliefs. In particular, regarding, assessing the life I have right now, and uncovering my beliefs about me in regards to this manifestation.

Also journaling about my next level desired life and what beliefs would be a part of that inspired beautiful life.

Finances: I am living within my means, feels good. Also, this month getting back to tracking my expenses in detail. (Considering there was a time when I would feel anxiety at just the thought of looking at my bank account). Now that feeling is shifting to an eagerness to review my day’s spending and posting to categories, before spending more money.

Tithing and Donations: Beginning in Jan 2023 I began a renewed commitment to donate 10% of gross income monthly. This is going well. Even when my finances get low and I feel urge to constrict, I keep my commitment. I am practicing celebrating my circulating money and giving. Giving to truth researchers impacting me currently, and sources of spiritual strength.

A favorite wisdom insight I read from Thomas Troward
“In all his counseling sessions,
he has never had a consistent tither come to him
for help with financial woes.”

Neville Feeling of wish fulfilled