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Issue 1:21 – Feb 15 2023
Healing Breakthroughs, Vax Updates, In the News, Project Blue Beam and More!

Stay Quiet or Speak Your Truth
Watch the Narrative

Greetings Deep Divers!

Let’s learn from these last 3 years.
Seeing how the cabal played the narrative from the plandemic.
Now pay attention,
As they switch to their next fear porn and more disasters.
Our task, keep raising our frequencies to love and high vibration.

In This Issue
Scroll down to topics that interest you
It’s been a big week! and it’s only mid Feb 2023

Take Care of You
New Dimensions in Healing
New Segment – Healing Centers for New Earth
New Small Business Opportunities for A New World Emerging
Personal Growth – 4 of my favorites from this last week
Beliefs, Decisions, Forgiveness, Change Your Story

In The News – So much is going on
Pentagon Shooting Down Objects in Sky
Project Blue Beam, Is It Getting Prepared?
Turkey and Syria
Vax Overview Updates
Ohio Toxic Disaster
Project Veritas Update
AI Big in the News – ChatGPT Exploding

New! Q&A Segment
The New One Percent Movement
G. Edward Griffin on the 1%, the 3% and the 15%
Favorite Health Products I Take and Recommend
Glossary of Terms
Archives of Past Issues of Newsletters
Our Vault of Research, In 3 Portals
Shema’s Diary Notes

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Focus on Yourself, the Truth Within You
So many distractions
Keep your vibration up
Become your greatest version
Humanity at the crossroads, time to choose
Love or Fear
Freedom or Slavery
Stay Quiet or Speak Your Truth
– Ralph Smart

We are taking back our freedom

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New Segment – Healing Centers for New Earth

UNIFYD Healing
A Global Initiative to Heal the World

The Energy Enhancement System combines Body, Mind, Spirit, and Science to help you achieve peak performance and reach higher states of health, consciousness and self-actualization. The future is here.

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Small Business Opportunities for A New World Emerging

“Imagine being a part of a global network of healing centers affiliated with a brand that the world is already familiar with. A brand that stands for unity, love & compassion.

Our goal is to make healing accessible and affordable to the entire world while also creating an abundant business for the facilitator behind the healing center.

We believe that creating a branded network of centers will streamline the process of reaching the masses while also creating a global standard to ensure that everyone is treated fairly.”

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Here are some highlights of mine from this week’s inner work
May it help inspire you in your own healing journey

Healing Personal Growth A Few Favorites compressed

One of my very favorite immersion weekends,
and now available to do online

I attended Chris’ 3 day weekend event this last weekend. Profound and impactful, as each one has been for me. For anyone in Europe, he is offering BTS later this month, with UK times. Five star recommendation. There is an option to attend for free!

Sign up link 

These weekends can be transformational, if you show up 100%. Chris goes through a most beautiful process, stacking and building throughout the weekend, having us look at our values, our charged emotions, our beliefs, and decisions we have made, that are anchored deep within our unconscious, and forgiveness.

And the weekend culminates with us doing a Strategic Vision of the most glorious imaginable life we can imagine, which Chris guides us through, in his masterful way.

See end of newsletter “Shema Diary Notes” for some personal reflections on my own breakthrough this weekend!

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Have You Had A Chance To See this Inspirational Movie?

Unsinkable The Secret to Bouncing Back

When so many now are dying unexpectedly
Brain cancers, heart attacks, blood clots, rapid growing cancers
Whether these deaths are connected from the mRNA shots or not
Is the grief of dealing with lost of our loved ones
This movie doesn’t address the jab
But it does address dealing with grief of lost loved ones
Dealing with tremendously difficult challenges in life

Some Highlights

Bob Proctor shares about the “space” between an event and when we make a decision about the event – it is within this “space” that we have the opportunity to CHOOSE what we will tell ourselves about the event (our story) – which can have lasting impact in our lives

Joe Dispenza tells the story of his intentional miraculous healing

John Gray shares about the grief around the death of his wife, hard not the have some tears with this story

Jack Canfield walks us through the healing process of finding the ‘issue’ in our body, and trace it back, and decision made, and nurture that part of us – a very popular and effective method to uncover and clear core wounds.

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Belinda Noakes and TinyBrave

Clearing sessions every other week (10 min)

I first met Belinda, while training in the
A powerful loving healing process.

For anyone feeling called – sliding scale starts at $1!

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Here are the headlines from the week

“Live in a life of God, and not of Satan”

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And Thoughts on Project Blue Beam

This is One Giant Experiment
Open Your Mind, You Are Going To Be Shown A Lot of Fakeness

Inspired Tribe, Jean Nolan weighs in

Pentagon third flying object

Objects being shot down

Some notes from video Project Blue Beam is basically the idea of a global event that is staged. Serge Monast investigated this in depth. In 1994 NASA and United Nation planned for a New Age Religion and Anti Christ. Stage a fake coming of Christ. The NWO, New World Order, technocracy, and cashless digital currency first need to be in place before Blue Beam would present. Totalitarian technocracy is the control mechanism along with people in love with AI, Artificial Intelligence.

According to Serge Monast: 4 Parts to Project Blue Beam
1. Earthquakes
2. A Light Show, A giant holographic space show with sounds, in the sky seen by all world
3. People being talked to individually, hearing voices in your head
4. Complete subservience to the Anti Christ

And in this video

Dr Carol Rosen was told by Wernher Von Braun, that the last ‘card’ would be the alien card, and it is all a lie. A fake ET invasion, An ET False Flag event

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Prayers for all those impacted by earthquake

Turkey 18 days before Turkey earthquake hanging cloud

Shows 5 days before earthquake, they knew it was coming
Earthquake technology is real

ABV Disease dead

A multi-part series from America’s Frontline Doctors

Just reading the headlines gives a good overview

Dr Mercola PDF – New ICD-10 codes to be added to electronic medical records

78 randomized controlled trials conducted

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East Palestine, Ohio – Deadly Toxic Train Disaster
Prayers for Ohio and surrounding areas
Burning Vinyl Chloride turns into Hydrochloric Acid because of
affinity for atmospheric moisture = ACID RAIN,
Plus more toxic chemicals being revealed from the EPA

Ohio Toxic Train Explosion

One of the box cars actually was on fire
for sometime before the derailment

“There are deep systemic problems with the Freight Railroads
right now, regarding safety issues, and these need to be addressed”

Short 2 min video

3 min video Erin ElizabethProbably the best video about what happened in Pennsylvania/Ohio and it’s pretty mind blowing”

“Fears of a wider health and environmental disaster are growing, after a 150-car freight train operated by Norfolk Southern derailed and a so-called controlled burn released toxic chemicals last week in East Palestine, Ohio.

EPA shows the train contained more toxic and carcinogenic chemicals than initially reported, including phosgene, a poisonous gas that has been used as a chemical weapon in war.

At 10min – trailer of the film, White Noise – filmed in Ohio

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Has Project Veritas been infiltrated?
“Whenever groups meet, the cult will be sending people. Infiltration is not something people watch for, but they should.”

“It’s telling that this assault on O’Keefe comes right after he exposed to the whole world how Pfizer is creating virus mutations, in order to sell more injections.”

Here’s our Resource page on , including much on the Pfizer executive expose

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AI Big in the News – ChatGPT Exploding
AI Writing content for you – Be sure you stay in command
Millions being spent daily to develop and manage ChatGPT
Soon it will likely be fee based

“It is subjective and opinionated and it is coming from it’s founders, illustrating the power these people have with this technology.”

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In this section, I shall do my best to answer any questions you may send to me.
Just email:
And I will share the answer here. Leaving your name as anonymous.

In our Jan 25 2023 Newsletter Issue 1:18 I answered the first question.

“If I am a person who is part of the new one percent (this building of critical mass for awakening), what does my day look like?”

In response, I came up with a first draft of ideas
The list is now on this home page

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Inspired Insights by G. Edward Griffin – Red Pill University
The 1%, The 3%, and the 15%

“Many are called. Few are chosen. It’s always the 1% or the 3% that get all the work done. History is always written by 1% or 15% of the population. Who are led by 3% of the population. WHO ARE INSPIRED BY 1% OF THE POPULATION.

And it is really true. ONE PERCENT can be the driving engine. The 3% can be the organizers, and the 15% can be the warriors. Information and Cultural Warriors. And Motivation Warriors.”

“And that is the group that will write history.”

“WE ARE the people we have been waiting for TO SAVE US.”

The New One Percent Version 1

This page is Shema’s collection of Visions for the New One Percent

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Spray, Gel and Lotion My favorite ‘umbrella’ products for overall health and longevity


An Amazing Aminos Protein Product
Protein is so essential for our overall health

BodyHealth PerfectAmino Tablets, (3-Pack) – on Amazon
All 8 Essential Amino Acids with BCAAs + Lysine, Phenylalanine, Threonine, Methionine, Tryptophan, Supplement for Muscle Mass Production, Recovery & Strength


Our growing list of terms used while looking at the big picture

New to our work?
for an overview of our projects and visions

Our VAULT of Research Pages
250 individual topic pages, and growing

Divided into 3 Main Portals
#1 The New One Percent, Humanity’s Grass Roots Awakening Movement
#2 The Big Picture – Connecting the Dots
#3 Plandemics and Global Lockdowns

Donations Gratefully Appreciated, if ever you are inspired
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Shema Satya

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Feb 14 2023
Relationship and Forgiveness Breakthrough
At Chris Howard’s Breakthrough to Success, last weekend, I had a remarkable breakthrough in the area of relationship and forgiveness. Identifying and clearing some major blocks to intimacy. Connecting memories in ways that I had not fully had conscious access to before this weekend.

Wow! It’s been profound, and tenderness has continued into this week. As I go even deeper into forgiveness. Even some tears.

Chris guided us through a very in depth forgiveness and letting go process. He shared about a time in his life, when he did this process every day for some time.

I’m inspired to do something similar for a while. In addition to my daily Golden List of 10, where I celebrate, express gratitude, being thankful and appreciative of at least 10 things.

I shall also, and this is during my daily walks, also do forgiveness on many people, along with forgiveness to myself.


Global Social Transformation

Thanks for reading!