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Issue 1:23 – March 1 2023
March 3rd Global Go Viral, Tech Gadgets Impacts on Frontal Lobe,
Ohio, Vax ban bill and more
Shifting the Collective Reality
Speak with Courage

Greetings Light Workers, Star Seeds and Way Showers!

In This Issue
A CALL for Global Meditation 3.3.23 Portal
Come Out Of The Shadows, Kudos to Jason Christoff
The Mind, TV, and Technology
The Brain, the Important Role of the Frontal Lobe
Vax Updates – Push To Ban mRNA Vaccines
Ohio Toxic Disaster Updates
Health Detox – Free Toxic Liver Docu-Class
Self Development Wisdom


Clarion Call compressed

Let’s join together on 3/3/23 for a powerful quantum shift
in the collective reality
A call to meditate, visualize and feel living in a 5D.
Heaven on Earth reality.
Just 5 to 10min on this day.
Let’s do this and
have this video go viral.
Thousands of us joining together feeling into a New Earth reality.

A clarion call to all the Light workers,
Star seeds and way showers
A 5 to 10 minute request.
Portal 3.3.23
Collectively feel into Terra Earth, a Golden Age.
Take this video viral, please.

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I have a sub mission …. and happy to identify the first I have found.

The mission … For Coaches, Online Marketing Success Leaders,
Personal Development and Spiritual teachers, to
COME OUT OF their shadows
and speak of the bigger truths, and take the deep dive into

WHILE linking our self empowerment to the big picture.

I find their silence deafening. Are they afraid of losing their following, or what?

This ALL connects and supports the , Global Awakening,
and building to
Tipping Point of Critical Mass Arising.

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I’d like to showcase here a wonderful soul, who is OUT!

He is doing some excellent work, and later this year will be working on a documentary.
I just watched his
 2022 Talk For Overcoming All Forms of Self Sabotage 
he showed it free for a few days.

The material in this presentation has inspired me to begin a new segment
here in the newsletter.

Over the next months I’ll be adding in a New Section to Help with Self Empowerment “Understanding Brain Waves and Brain Frontal Lobe Function”

“Many are having a hard time because we have been born into ‘Planet Mind Control’. The cabal cannot rule STRONG, INDEPENDENT ADULTS. They can only rule weak, dependent children and they program those attributes right into you. So that they get what they want and they keep you away from a life you need, desire and deserve for yourself.”
– Jason Christoff


An excellent and informative article
“Most people don’t even realize the damage that is being done to them,
the mind control they are sipping in,
and the constant energy-sucking distractions
that are steadily stealing their lives.”

TV Loosen Technology’s Grip on Your Mind


In Jason’s presentation I watched,
he draws on some material in the documentary Pseudology ….

Cue up to 18 min discussion of effect on TV on the mind
Of great importance is “the frontal lobe of brain is being bypassed”

“The effects of television on the mind are probably one of the most studied aspects of our society. And one of the things that takes place in the mind is that the frontal lobe has been bypassed. Within minutes of sitting down and watching television, the frontal lobe activity simply goes almost to nothing.

The frontal lobe of the brain is the seat of spirituality, morality and the will. It’s actually the analytical portion. of our brain. And it’s actually the decision maker. And so it’s a crucial aspect in regards to our future success and happiness is how well our frontal lobe is functioning.

And, unfortunately, Entertainment Television suppresses the frontal lobe of the brain. Actually, in about 90 seconds, viewing it, the frontal lobe function begins to go down and actually has an adverse effect.

And you know, the interesting thing is people watch Entertainment Television, often due to the fact that they feel a little depressed or anxious, and it kind of calms them. But in reality, it’s a very short term fix, and it’s going to complicate things in the long run.”
Dr Neal Nedley

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A bill is currently being sponsored in Idaho

Misdemeanor to administer mRNA vaccines

“We have issues (the vaccine) was fast tracked,” the Senate sponsor of ,
Sen. Tammy Nichols, R-Middleton, told the committee on Feb. 15,
claiming there is no liability, informed consent or data on mRNA vaccines.”

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– short video of sudden deaths, so heartbreaking

And just a reminder of related key sections in our Vault
– 39 Individual Topic Pages
– Many topics covered

Ohio Updates

Ohio In The News Updates – after train derailment
Just reading the titles of these news pieces, tells a story

“They” say it’s injected deeper than groundwater, well water, and aquifers. AND! how do “They” know where the water will seep, once it’s injected underground? Mike Adams discusses all this and more.

Residents concerned toxic chemicals from disaster are ‘doing more to the environment … than what they’re saying’

Our Related Resource page from Our Vault

Includes information from the onset of the derailment

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Mike Adams mentioned this free series,
As he spoke on the importance that we detox from all the toxic exposures

Fatty Liver Docu-Class

With 23 of the World’s Leading Experts on Liver Health
Feb 28th – March 8th

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I continue to gain much benefit from
Chris Howard’s Breakthrough To Success weekends
I will list in this newsletter future event dates, as they open up

Chris Howard Quotes Canva 1 compressed

This page explores Visions of the New One Percent

The New One Percent Version 1

Inspired Insights by
The 1%, The 3%, and the 15%

“WE ARE the people we have been waiting for TO SAVE US.”

“Many are called. Few are chosen. It’s always the 1% or the 3% that get all the work done. History is always written by 1% or 15% of the population. Who are led by 3% of the population. WHO ARE INSPIRED BY 1% OF THE POPULATION.

And it is really true.
ONE PERCENT can be the driving engine.
The 3% can be the organizers,
and the 15% can be the warriors.
Information and Cultural Warriors. And Motivation Warriors.”

“And that is the group that will write history.”

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Spray, Gel and Lotion My favorite ‘umbrella’ product for overall health and longevity

Q&A Segment
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