The New One Percent Newsletter Issue 1:4

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Issue 1:4 – Oct 19 2022
5 to 15 min. a Week, Resourcefulness and Empowerment, New One Percent
Commitment Is Key
A Movement for Gaining Momentum

Good Day Heroes!

5 to 15 min a Week, is all I am inviting of you.
To open up this Wednesday main edition newsletter
And just read the headlines for starters
If you can do more
Of course we would love for even greater engagement

But even just 15 min To Review the content
And see what activates for you
And maybe that’s even just a 5 min process
To read the Headlines and scroll through the pictures
That’s fantastic!

Is 90% to 100% participation possible? I believe it is!

WHY do I feel this is important?
The Intention Here is to Raise and Unify Consciousness

What we place value on builds.
The tipping point’s timing will be impacted by our quality of consciousness.
This New One Percent I see as a core hub to give attention to our connectedness,
while encouraging us to continue with both INNER and OUTER efforts,
just a little every week.
Your engagement let’s me know you care about this,
and these efforts are helping give value and impact to you.

Be That Monkey 100th

And as an amazing sign from the Universe,
this meme and video just appeared on social media,
right as I’m writing this!
An exquisite example of Synchronicity

“The reality of Group Consciousness and the 100th monkey effect.
Your thoughts affect other people.”

Headline News Read Weekly

Invite to Read This Updated List Weekly – 5 min

1. Two Year Mastermind
These next 2 years are of critical importance for us to show up fully and engage

2. Insight of the Week – It’s All About Our Resourcefulness

3. Quote of the Week – The Power of Commitment and Providence

4. Bombshell Film – Fauci – please at least watch the trailer!

5. Compassion Key and It’s Power to Dissolve Disharmony
Two replays up for Free until Oct 23, Sunday

6. Video Interview of the Week – This is Genocide of Vaccinated
“Rubbery calamari type texture fiber being pulled out of arteries at time of embalming”

7. Meme of the Week – Apocalypse, Great Revealing, Opportunity

8. Last minute addition before this Newsletter goes live
Breaking News: Dr. Greer Announces Discovery of 4 New Energy Technologies
That Could Save The Earth!

The rest of this newsletter edition will expand on these headline news


Time is of the essence now,
The Next Two Years are Crucial for where the tide will turn.
For more reflections,
See Our

This is OUR time now.
To QUANTITY our Movement and our numbers.
To KNOW we are many and united, aware, brave, and action directed.

A Movement to Build Momentum
Developing a most powerful Morphic Field
Creating the tipping point
Towards manifestation of a New Earth

Will it happen if we just trust?
And let the front line warriors do the work
Personally, I feel we co-create together
And this co-creating influences the outcome
Don’t sit on the sidelines!

Resourcefulness Tony Robbins

Be Resourceful!

It is never a matter of Lack of Resources.
It is always about How We Utilize our Resourcefulness
Quote adapted from Tony Robbins

One of our main aims is to focus on the ways of Empowerment
while developing Temperance,
So all diversity of perspectives can be openly explored.

We have been played long enough, with the divide and conquer strategy.
Isn’t it about time we rise above that division mentality?

The Power of Commitment is So KEY!
Gaining Clarity on just what we are committed to
Is part of our Empowerment Journey

What are you Committed To?
Are you showing up 100%, giving to it your very best?


Murray Commitment Quote


A film for our outer action in the world

And For inner work we highlight the beautiful work of
Edward Mannix, The Compassion Key

Fauci Documentary

The Real Anthony Fauci

And if you can, make it your featured film for this week’s movie night

The release of The Real Anthony Fauci The Movie
Was launched ENTIRELY FREE to the public, October 18th, 2022.

And will be available for free for 10 days

We’ve created a page, that shares some of the build up to the movie release.

Please share it with at least one friend,
or one mention on your social media

These are small actions and they have impact!

Compassion Dissolves

Lightworker Accelerator

Clearing “The LightWorkers’ Persecution Imprint™”

Edward Mannix

Replay Of October 15th LIVEEvent
Cue up to 3hr 18min and watch to end, to get a flavor of the work
and especially 3hr 23min

And replay of Oct 18 event

Available until Oct 23, Sunday

“The Awakening of Humanity
Depends On the Awakening of Humanity”
Edward Mannix

That’s Us! Let’s Do this!

Shema just completed a 3 month certification in The Compassion Key.
Edward Mannix is doing really key work on this topic.

Embalmers Fibrous

This is Genocide
Funeral Director Updates on Death of Vaccinated

Oct 15 2022

So much is covered in this interview. John O’Looney, Funeral Director, has been instrumental in reporting what’s really going on with the deaths.

The rubbery calamari type texture fiber being pulled out of arteries at time of embalming – It is not made of blood, and so does not respond to treatments for clots. Take a look at these monster like substances.

Here is our page that shows the pictures and links to additional interviews.

More on our page

Apocalypse lifting the veil

Last minute addition before this Newsletter goes live

Discovery of 4 New Energy Technologies
That Could Save The Earth!

Steven Greer Lost Century

Thank you for Reading
We Appreciate you so much!
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