The New One Percent Newsletter Issue 1-6

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Issue 1:6 – Nov 2 2022
Elon Musk AI’s Frontman, Greatest Movement in History, Health Notes
Ideas for the Field of Possibilities
Summarizing the Tyranny Underway

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Elon Musk, Man of the people, or man of the cult?
How Bad Is My Batch?
Truth Researcher Spotlight, Stop World Control
The Plan, 30min film on WHO plans for 10 yrs of pandemics

Movies Section – Prophetic film, short segment clip
Health Notes – Nano Soma and response to vax effects
New Section! IDEAS for Big Impactful Projects

Elon Musk some questions

“Man of the people, or man of the cult?

, At the 25 min mark, Joe Rogan asks Elon Musk,
how he can possibly have time for all the projects he is involved in?

And David Icke proposes
“What if … Elon Musk is not really doing all these projects himself.
Maybe all these ideas are not coming from Musk.
Maybe a force in the background is creating the ideas
Essential for the Great Reset
Maybe Musk is the front man to bring these technologies forward.
Just maybe.”

We’ve Compiled a Page of Resources
Where the topic of Elon Musk is explored –

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Some batches more deadly than others
Possibility even some batches just being placebo
Here is a website to check on the different batches
They do not identify placebo batches, but there may be clues with
Lots where there are no deaths or injuries.

Are some batches more toxic than others?

“Batch codes and associated deaths, disabilities and illnesses for Covid 19 Vaccines

The psychological effect of widespread vaccine injury
1 in 2 people declining further vaccination.

Covid vaccine uptake has never been so low.
Less than 2% of eligible people have taken the updated bi-valent Covid booster shots,
3 weeks into the rollout.
People are voting with their feet.
Sept 23 2022 NBC News”

Total Visitors for and
since December 2021 : 88,042,072

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David Sorensen, Stop World Control

It is excellent, important, highly recommended.

Of special import, and only takes 30 min to watch

WHO plans for 10 years of pandemics, from 2020 to 2030
(1.6 million views on Rumble)

The Plan Stop World Control

David Sorensen describes what is underway as
‘the greatest movement in all of history’ – and we add this to
the documentation of

Stop World Control is doing a fantastic job presenting
key information for these critical times we are in now,
while also summarizing the tyranny underway.

The list below covers a pretty extensive overview of issues we’ve been dealing with.
Thanks to David Sorensen for this compilation.
Take a deep belly breath first, it’s quite intense.

Suppression of treatments
Unprecedented scientific fraud
Unprecedented censorship
False covid labeling as people die in hospitals
Financial incentives to commit murder
Mass murder of elderly
Mass destruction through lockdowns
Small businesses destroyed
Anti-scientific mask mandates
Pandemic based on false cases
Media fear mongering
Experimental injection
False marketing
Self assembling nanotech
Vaccine experts silenced
Vaccine adverse events suppressed
Millions of vaccine deaths
Orchestrated to increase control
The World Health Organization is a One World Government
Proof that the pandemic was planned with a purpose

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RIP Rik Mayall

before his sudden death

Chilling scene from the 2014 film ‘One by One’ that is becoming reality in 2020/21/22.
This was Rik Mayall’s last film release before his sudden death.
Make sure you WATCH UNTIL THE END!

Looks like it hit a little close to home, was he ‘heart attacked’ shortly after?

From his wife Barbara, “We now know that our darling Rik suffered an
‘acute cardiac event’ at our home around midday on June 9.
He had just returned from his usual run and many people had seen him
that morning,” she said.

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I’d like to introduce the product I have been using for the last year, as my main health support. I see it as the primary ‘umbrella’ of my health care protocols. All else comes after my daily 5 sprays of this amazing natural product, and also the gel and lotion are available for additional support. My health has continued to improve throughout this year.

I’ve compiled some of my favorite materials that can help you understand
more about Nano Soma

This following PDF also gives a

Nano Soma Magic Dichol

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IDEAS for Big Impactful Projects – adding to field of possibility

A Podcast
Conversations with Leaders in Personal Growth and Business

“Lets Talk About Covid (truth or lies), Health and Freedom”

Conversations with Leaders to talk about where they stand on these topics
of Freedom and
HOW DO THEY Communicate about it all
with their followers, their communities.

If they are not talking about it, then lets explore, If not, WHY?
What are the long term costs, to not discuss these issues NOW?

And if they have, what happened?
What responses arose in their audiences?
And how was it dealt with?

I know Tony Robbins was bold enough to mention it a little,
in one online event, and wow did it trigger the social media comments!

I wonder if any leaders in the field would really be willing to take this topic on,
with full honesty? Are there concerns about this discussion possibly effecting their profit margins? What other concerns do they have?

With me, it is always returning to …
my vision to be able to have authentic conversations.
And surely Emotional Responses will arise as we get Authentic

How we deal with these Strong Feelings,
is the most rewarding and revealing part of the exploration.


What Ideas and Possibilities Would You Like to Add To the Field?

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Real Agenda 3 Portals for Entry

The Real Agenda – Big Picture Research
Over 240 topic pages and Continuing to Expand

To get a sneak peak of our pandemic (plandenic) research,
as it gets better organized, see here for what’s in the works

A look at the Big Picture and what’s behind the global lockdowns
and what is in the planning stages by the globalists

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And the better I can learn about you,
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While bringing forth our authentic selves!

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