The New One Percent Newsletter Issue 1-7

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Issue 1:7 – Nov 9 2022
Banned in 26 Countries, Protection from Vaxx Shedding, 2 Year Mastermind

Can You Feel the Growing Pains of Humanity Waking Up?
We Are Infinite Consciousness

Greetings to ALL
As the global passion body takes another step toward liberation!

What an amazing time to be alive.

May our lives be graceful and kind both to self and others
May we take ongoing consistent action
Small steps, gradually unfolding our lives with meaning and purpose
With a smile, and joy in our hearts

Censorship Enters New Level as
David Icke Banned from 26 Countries!
Two Year Mastermind
Protection from Vaxx Shedding
Nano Soma Response to Vaxx Shedding
A Collection of 3 Years of Plandemic Memes
Our Vault of Plandemic Research and Newsletter Archives
Ways to Stay in Contact and Support

New to Our Work?
If you are new to Heart Plan Vision and The New One Percent,
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We’ve put together with resources covering this breaking news.

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David Icke has been banned from entering dozens of European countries for two years because he “poses a threat to public order”.

Having arrived in the Netherlands, to speak at a Peace Rally, Nov 4 2022, David was notified by Immigration that he was being banned from the country and could not speak at the rally. Quickly after, all the EU countries joined in. Banned in 26 countries for 2 years!

Note, this isn’t the first time David Icke has been banned. In 2019 Australia revoked his visa right before he was to begin a speaking tour.

Now the 2 years has great significance
as we will cover in the next segment on our Two Year Mastermind idea.

Keep in mind also, the material we covered in

Free Speech At the Crossroads
and Alex Jones being fined ONE BILLION dollars

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Planting Big Idea Seeds into the Quantum Field of Possibility

We envision a coming together of Masterminds
To explore Humanity’s Best Responses to the Control mechanisms being implemented
and Proactively Building Alternative Worlds for the Good of All


I’m looking at the 2 year mark as a point of significance. The global power structures are giving us hints. Let’s pay attention. There is much talk about 2030. However, 2025 seems of great importance to their plans.

On I talk about this idea of A Two Year Mastermind.
I offer as an example of plans underway, it is important to pay attention to,

A Rockefeller Project called
The Mercury Project
It’s aim to Push Vaccines Research on promoting COVID-19 vaccines
to continue through August 2024

And Now here we have David Icke being banned from 26 European Union countries,
for, get this, TWO YEARS!

I suggest this time frame is quite intentional
and that we are in a
critical window of
through 2024

Do not underestimate the power of INTENTION
And the momentum available as an enlivened collective of humanity
fully recognize their connectedness.

Remember , we talk about
80 Million
Conscious, Aware, Love Centered
Comfortable with deep dives into

Always doing the important Inner Work
While knowing the TRUTH of our
Oneness with Source, Infinite Consciousness

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Protection from Vaxx Shedding
Top Medical Experts Share Proven Protocols

Protection from Vaxx Shedding

for links to resources.

This ebook offers some good perspectives on the concept of vaxx shedding. Yes, some unvaccinated people observe they feel sick after being around vaccinated people.
So what’s going on?

My best approach overall, is to get myself as healthy as possible, so that my own immune system knows how to protect itself. And I recognize healthy detox, as just that, detox.

Personally, I love using as my first line of defense, while also brilliantly supporting longevity. See below for more details.

Bottom Line
Talk Self Responsibility
You be the champion for your own health
Research and find what you feel most drawn to
Listen to your body
Our bodies are always giving us messages

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I see Nano Soma as the primary ‘umbrella’ of my health care protocols. All else comes after my daily 5 sprays of this amazing natural product. Additionally, the gel and lotion are available for enhanced support. My health and vitality have continued to improve during this full year I have been using it.

This page offers excellent materials that can help you understand more about Nano Soma.

This following PDF also gives a

Nano Soma Magic Dichol

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A Collection of 3 Years of Plandemic Memes

This collection is on my Facebook page. Somehow I have managed to not get booted off social media during these 3 years of massive censorship. Mostly due to using lots of code wording and referring people mainly to my website and telegram channel.

One friend commented, they read like a book!

FB Albums Memes 800

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Real Agenda 3 Portals for Entry

The Real Agenda – Big Picture Research
Over 240 topic pages and Continuing to Expand

To get a sneak peak of our pandemic (plandenic) research,
as it gets better organized, see here for what’s in the works

A look at the Big Picture and what’s behind the global lockdowns
and what is in the planning stages by the globalists

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With your help, we are working to create visions and collaborations for our Great Awakening, assuring the tipping point is reached, and reached soon!

If and when you are able, please donate whatever you can. We are so grateful for your generosity. Recurring donations are especially appreciated.

If what I provide freely benefits you and yours, your considering a financial gift to support my work is part of the circle of life. Blessings for helping me continue researching, writing, sharing and preparing content to best EMPOWER us all to get through these momentous times, with Ease, Grace and Joy. THANK YOU! This is my full time commitment, to assist in the transformation underway, in both micro and macro levels.

And the better I can learn about you,
and what you feel will best help you ….
the more exciting this exchange will become.
Let’s go for a Win, Win, Win

While bringing forth our authentic selves!

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Past Issues of the Newsletter are available to read on my website,
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As we’ll be weaving a journey of building momentum, and identifying a growing body of humanity’s collective empowerment, the Archives will be an important reference, especially as new people join in.

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