The Pushback Rallies for Freedom

Protests July 2021

New York City Wakes Up

Oct 29 2021

“The movement to fight vaccine mandates has grown exponentially across the country just this week alone leading up to the largest vaccine choice protest in US history. Get inspired by some of the most powerful moments.”

DelBigTree @ The Hirewire reports

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HUGE Turnout London Protest Oct 30 Against Passports Cowardly Media SILENT- HugoTalks
Oct 30 2021

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Chris Sky, Canada, United Non Compliance
Sept 2 2021

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Thousands of anti-vaxxers march through London in massive ‘medical freedom’ demonstration against vaccine passports
Aug 28 2021

Thousands of anti-vax protesters take to the streets of central London in continued campaign against jabs
Pictures and video online showed the huge crowd progressing towards Westminster, central London
The demonstrations are understood to be part of coordinated global protest against mandatory vaccines
French and Italian cities also saw protesters, as Paris endured protesters for the seventh consecutive week

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San Francisco Freedom Rally

Sept 18 2021 Freedom Rally in San Francisco, CA

America’s Frontline Doctors Link to Events Around the U.S.
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First Responders Stand

Canada: Police officers, firefighters and paramedics protest against mandatory COVID “vaccinations”
Sept 13 2021


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David Icke: The FULL Trafalgar Square Speech ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ with top class Oracle Films sound and vision
– PLEASE SHARE around the world
July 25 2021

Bitchute Link
David Icke – Worldwide Rally for Freedom London – 24/07/21-Oracle Films

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David Icke Root Out The Cause

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David Icke

Massive crowd at Trafalgar Square sings with David Icke: ‘You’ll never walk alone’
July 26 2021

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The world stands up! 24/7/21
July 24 2021

How inspiring – half way through 6 min video
are wonderful clips from actual march in London

And starts with crowd singing along with David icke
‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’

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July 27 2021

Nice France

Nice France police

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London Freedom Rally


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Tensions mount in France – Protesters Storm Town Hall of Poitiers and Rip Macron’s Portrait
July 26 2021
Poitiers is a city on the Clain river in west-central France

“There is a perfume of revolution in France since Macron announced draconian measures to “curb rising coronavirus infections” – mandatory vaccinations for all health workers, health pass, heavy fines and even prison sentences.

Tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets of French cities for the second weekend in a row.

In the western city of Poitiers, a group of protesters stormed a local town hall. A video shows some of them throwing a portrait of President Macron as well as some documents out of the window while chanting “revolution” as crowds cheer.”

Paris July 2021

This pic I’m told is Paris July 2021

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Film starts … on March the 20th 2021 exactly one year after governments around the world unleashed unparalleled restrictions on the lives of their citizens
Demonstrators across the world took to the streets in an international effort to challenge coronavirus inhibitions
Spanning over 100 cities in 40 countries
This unique event was quite possibly the largest non-violent human rights demonstration in living memory
So WHY did the majority of the world’s media choose to ignore it?
And the few that did report it … did not represent the true motives …
This is the story of what really happened that day
And why such lengths were taken to keep you from hearing the truth
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Freedom Rallies

Screenshot from Bitchute
July 24 2021
Freedom Rallies
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