The Red Pill and Corona

The Red Pill and Corona

The Red Pill During Time of Corona and Why It is Such A Big Deal For Some

This is a sub page to our original page “The Red Pill As A Cultural Meme”

The Red Pill meme is based on the 1999 sci-fi movie, The Matrix,
where humans live in a state of total illusion, not reality,
and in order to see the world as it really is
they must take “the red pill”

Here we explore commentary on various versions and perspectives.
This is a very active unfolding situation with the Global lockdown of most countries in the world during a very controversial “pandemic” of Covid-19. 

In consideration of how fluid the situation is,
the exploration of this topic is a work in process.

For starters, what will be listed here are a range of blog posts of topics that feel worthy of consideration in context of The Red Pill.  The invitation is to look through the lens of Red Pill and Blue Pill within the perspectives being addressed in the posts.

We welcome you to do your own explorations, and to utilize these writings as a springboard for your own reflections.

First inspiration for this page came from Collective Evolution’s blog post

Why the “Red Pill” Has Become So Big
By Joe Martino
More ‘difficult’ times often serve as an opportunity to collapse old paradigms, shift and create anew.  Is this part of what we are seeing now?

Here is the beginning of the post from Collective Evolution
Red Pill Collective Evolution

“The metaphorical ‘red pill’ comes from the movie The Matrix whereby the main character Neo is offered the opportunity to see ‘the real world’ that is hidden behind the matrix all humans are plugged into and convinced is reality. Neo has the choice between the red pill to show him the truth, or the blue pill to allow him to go on believing that the world he has been programmed to believe in is in fact reality. Since Neo was someone who always had an inkling that something wasn’t ‘quite right’ with the world and he could feel there was more, he decides to take the red pill and understand what’s really going on.

Today, humanity has been faced with a number of opportunities to take the red pill. In our world, the blue pill would represent accepting all that government tells people is truth. It would mean that the mainstream media is always providing truth to the public and there is nothing more to the story. It would mean that we are beings who simply have 5 senses, and our material world is all there is to experience. We are animals, disconnected from one another, should be in competition to one another and are inherently violent creatures.

The red pill, however, would allow you to see beyond the agendas and narratives within mainstream media and government. It would open you up to who you truly are and the true nature of reality, in that we are all connected to one unified field and are individual aspects of that field playing together in a vast experience we call ‘ the human experience.’ Our true nature is peace and love, and that what we are playing out today as our reality simply comes from how we have been programmed to forget who we truly are and what we should accept about the world around us.”

The Red Pill and Corona

Why Smart People Believe Coronavirus Myths

This article really “triggered” me (Shema).  And being my commitment to the embrace of shadow work, there is willingness to explore layers of “triggers” that this has brought up. 

We welcome you to explore what is alive for you in this and other offerings here. 

I have engaged in some social media conversations that arose from comments I made after someone shared this article with me.  Here I share a few segments.  This is dynamic and uncensored, as feelings are strong.  And I am okay with that.  For in that free expression, deeper layers are then freed to surface.  So, I share here uncensored responses, to help model, a work in progress.  It is okay to be messy.

Global Social Transformation

4.14.20  Sorry if my response reads your intent incorrectly, but here goes. I do see though, you gave the LAUGH icon a click. So that pretty much tells me where you stand. And I see you are not even a friend of mine in Facebook, so are visiting here as the public view, and just come and laugh in my face.  What a sham.

I’m not sure the point of the article. I’m assuming the implication that I, who would appear on surface to be intelligent, have bought into a lie that this is psyop? and I am the dangerous one.  Is that your point?  Well, welcome to the world of polarity.

Because my concern is people who believe governments and corporations who lie and steal, and don’t care about us really. and just worry about profits and re-election. and are bought by pharmaceuticals etc. …..   They are pretty dangerous too.  Maybe we all are dangerous.

And have forgotten LOVE

Doctors and science are coming forward to engage in trying to get to truth.  And what about a world that assassinates good people who want to bring forth cancer cures, and bring forth info on the dangers of GMO, and 5G etc etc.  What about that?  We live in our worlds and allow that to go on and seemingly have accepted it.

And I need to be vigiliant around people who try to question the psyop narrative, and attack our narratives and explorations, and by doing so,the sheeples actually try to pull us back into the trance.

It’s funny really.  Got to laugh to keep from crying. so I understand the laugh icon.

Consider this.  If the controllers really cared for humanity, they would be flooding us with education on building our immunity in affordable ways.  Finding ways to allow us into nature and the ocean.  Which all keeps us empowered.

And the Ads on TV would not be hypnotic that 5G is sexy and fast food is the way to go.

But no, there is not profit in that, and if we are strong and healthy and think for ourselves and question, then we are the problem they need to silence.  sic sic sic

The system is broken, and now they have us locked up and more polarized than ever.
and articles come out saying I’m the problem.  hahahahahah!
Like I said earlier, got to laugh to keep from crying.

Global Social Transformation

4.15.20  We still have freedom of speech and freedom of thinking. thank goodness. and I celebrate everyone’s voice and courage to speak.

And grateful that I can keep some humor sometimes, as feelings are a range, and honoring my anger and frustrations also. My COURAGE is to share the journey.

For only as others respond, can the collective begin to unsurface truth. As as I’ve been reminded, by a wise soul, find balance between mind and heart, and fear and love.

This is a rare moment in time when we are ALL IN IT TOGETHER. Like it or not. And the decisions we make could have dramatic impacts on whether or not a nano particle vaccination is forced upon all of us. FACT.

And frankly, lets just get it out on the table, those who still are in a trance, thinking Bill Gates is our friend, scare the hell out of me.  And I get on my knees and beg those people to please research. My web page on Covid Theories has a section on Gates and resources, and will be flushed out more.

I am embracing all the triggers that are arising for me.  And I welcome others to do the same. And we will not do it perfectly. And anger is okay.  The chaos of change and growth can be messy at times.

It may sound like I do not have compassion for people dying, and that is to totally miss the point.  Which is a whole topic in itself and will have to wait.  As I have more research to do to gather my resources from actually what experts in medical field are reporting.

To be continued

Global Social Transformation

And this article

My Mother Thinks Bill Gates Is Trying To Kill Us
and Now She Wants Me to “Respect” Her Beliefs

I pull out one section for commentary.

“People like my mother and others who believe that Bill Gates want to depopulate the globe through Trojan horse vaccines are often the same people who who downplay science and reason. They claim that the media has made us afraid of COVID-19 (and irrationally so), while they fear eternal damnation for getting tricked into taking a vaccine. There is a deep fear of being “controlled” by the media, the government, and the secular world. And it’s a fear that gets in the way of all reason.”

Shema:  I find that such an interesting commentary.  As my experience is the conspiracy information, that I study, is basing their information on what is actually being said by the powers that be, and expert doctors, and even some scientists.  How does that get in the way of reason?   This thinking perplexes me.

And I have to continue to return to  the basic question for any dysfunctional relationship.  Why are we staying in relation with authorities who continue to lie to us, and assassinate our greatest heroes.  I’ve yet to get a conspiracy debunker to answer that for me.  

Still waiting.   

Global Social Transformation


The Red Pill