Transcendent Music Uplift Frequency

Emmanuel Dagher

A transcendent experience is one that takes you out of yourself
and convinces you of a larger life or existence, something close to “spiritual”

Global Social Transformation

This work of Garret John very highly recommended
Below are links for his resources

A favorite practice
Lay down and listen to one of the “services”
and sometimes stand up and move as the energy rises

Global Social Transformation

Before the “service”

Optional practice before starting an activity

Practice this Technique to Relieve Daily Stress… Three Keys to Heart – Brain – Earth Harmony
Gregg Braden
At the 19 min mark is the guided practice with Gregg

Removes the stress that depletes the immune system
Do this Heart Brain Harmony practice for 3 minutes

Global Social Transformation

After the “service” and resting quietly

Then do the guided meditation by Marc Allen
Just 12 min and it feels extra impactful
Since already in the heightened state from the “service”

Middle Pillar Meditation from THE MAGICAL PATH

Global Social Transformation

M.O.S.T Live Movement of Self-Transcendence
“Experience self-transcendence on a level you’ve never reached before.”

To experience more … Garret John offers
The Miracles Course

This is from the Miracles Course description

“This is the beginning of a new era of Light, though it may not feel like it yet.
In the past, any new creation on the earthly plane took much
effort, and often pain, struggle and strife.

That is still the mode of creation in many aspects of our world;
however, it need no longer be this way.”

Global Social Transformation

We are listing here some of our favorites from the YouTube Channel

Garret John YouTube Channel

Calling in the Light
34min  Sacred angels … a few tech glitches

Discover What You’re Resisting
1hr 5min

“Everything is a construct. We are Love.”

Experience Creation’s Gentleness

Experience Resurrection

Father’s Day

How Projecting is Messing Up Your Life
50 min  Wisdom healing return home

How to Make Space for Miracles

How to Trust, Let Go and Get What You Want

Let Yourself Go

Most Powerful Morning Prayer to Start Your Day Right
11 min  Pray this powerful morning prayer to start each day from the best, most grace-filled state of mind.

Nothing Came to Me
Very beautiful, just a few tech glitches

Rest for the weary

Seek What Belongs to You in Truth
36 min so lovely

Sunday Service

The Divine Order ***
So very special for prayers

Wake Up to the Real World

What’s Next?

You Are Starlight

You Can Have it All