Trump, Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, Stolen Elections

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On the HUGE topic of Trump, Joe Biden, Hunter Biden’s laptop, and Stolen Elections
Consider this page, just a sampling of news headlines, 2020 and beyond

Is Trump A Psyop?
Jan 23 2024  David Icke

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Donald Trump’s criminal cases, in one place

Donald Trump is the first current or former president in US history to face criminal charges, and with his third presidential bid under way for 2024 the stakes are high for both him and the country.

By Amy O’Kruk and Curt Merrill, CNN

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Comer says he will subpoena Biden, family members to testify before House Oversight Committee
August 11 2023

Rep. James Comer, R-Ky., chairman of the House Oversight and Accountability Committee, said his committee will eventually subpoena members of President Joe Biden’s family as part of an investigation into Biden’s foreign business dealings.

“This is always gonna end with the Bidens coming in front of the committee,” Comer told Fox Business in an interview on Thursday. “We are going to subpoena the family.”

Comer’s latest remarks came a day after his House Oversight and Accountability Committee released a 19-page report alleging Biden and his family engaged in corrupt international business dealings. The White House, however, criticized the report as politically motivated and said it provided no evidence of corruption by Biden.

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Prosecutor Reportedly Told Six Witnesses He Was Not Permitted To Charge Hunter Biden
June 26 2023

“U.S. Attorney David Weiss wanted to bring charges against President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden in Washington, D.C., IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley said on Friday — and when he was reportedly barred from doing so, he told six witnesses.”

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Biden Changed ‘Suspicious Activity Report’ Policies to Protect Himself, Hunter: GOP House Oversight Committee to Investigate Bidens
Nov 18 2022

“Was Joe Biden directly involved with Hunter Biden’s business deals, and is he compromised? That’s our investigation,” said incoming House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer.

A Few Facts:

“Representatives James Comer (R-KY) and Jim Jordan (R-OH) said at a press conference Thursday that Joe Biden is directly involved with the illegal activities of his son Hunter.

“We have evidence that the finances, credit cards, and bank accounts of Hunter and Joe Biden were co-mingled, if not shared,” stated Comer. “And on some accounts at least, red flags were raised by banks to the account owner or owners indicating suspicious or illegal activity.

Several of the violations to be investigated include money laundering, wire fraud, defrauding the United States, and violations of the Foreign Agents Registration Act, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, and the Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act of 2000.”

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Considering Trump’s Arrest,
It Is Timely to Review This Compilation
2 Short Speeches of Trump Regarding
Restoring Free Speech AND Taking Down the Deep State

Trump Secrets
Compiled by David Sorensen, Stop World Control
April 2023

“What Nobody Knows, But Everyone Should Know

What is the secret reason for the unrelenting attempts to destroy Donald J. Trump? What is the Deep State afraid of? What are the secrets Trump knows about them? And what are the secrets they know about him? The following posts unveil insights about Trump, that very few people have knowledge of.”

Here are two short video clips in

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Trump announces his arrest next Tuesday
Mar 18 2023

Trump announces his arrest


“I Will be ARRESTED This Week” | What Is Happening!?
Mar 18 2023, Benny Johnson show

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We’d like to highlight this resource page by Stop World Control
A collection of relevant stories on Trump, Q Movement and Elections
Here are 3 samplings of the articles, please go to the page for many more stories.

Why The Lies About Donald Trump and Trump Prophecy
“Why everybody lies about Donald Trump
Discover why the media is telling the world to hate Donald Trump more than anyone in all of history. What are they afraid of, that they need to destroy him so badly? Who is this man really? And why does this matter for you, me… and the world?”

Why do we all hate this man?
“A historically unprecedented mind control operation was unleashed on all of humanity, to manipulate every person on earth to hate one specific man.”

Elections are being stolen, but the thieves are being caught! Here’s the evidence…
“Election fraud destroys your voice, and is used to steal all rights and freedoms from the people. Here’s how you can defend yourself…”

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On David Icke’s website, I did a search for Donald Trump
See here for a wide range of topics related to Trump

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For Fresh Perspectives from Jon Rappoport on topics Trump related
Go to his blog
Here I searched for Trump,  Jon’s collection of related blog posts

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Tucker Carlson Tonight 1/16/23 FULL | BREAKING FOX NEWS
Jan 16, 2023 – Trump and Biden
From 0 -14 min Tucker discusses the interesting reversal of roles, where now Biden is hiding classified documents in his home, and not revealing his tax returns – things Trump also dealt with.  Hunter Biden connection also discussed.

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FBI Admits They Found Nothing In Raid Of Trump’s Mar-A-Lago Home

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Jack Maxey Drops Bombs with Ann Vandersteel on Hunter Biden’s Laptop
March 29 2022
35 min
“This interview is intense! Jack Maxey is on fire and speaks about his investigations into the Hunter Biden’s Laptop with Ann Vandersteel.”

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March 28 2022 Hunter Biden Laptop From Hell Backstory Getting More Intel Part 1

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YES! Trump Drops Bombshell On All Mainstream Media For Hiding the Awful Truth all this time
Feb 15 2022

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Robert Kennedy Jr. Blows Whistle On Pfizer Donating $1 Million To Trump Inaugural – See What Happened Following That (Video)
Aug 25 2021

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A note from Shema
Just a disclaimer for starters

I’m not taking sides on the political spectrum
And it is time for Integrity to be Aligned with Elections
Until then, well, good luck America

Please note regarding this topic of President Trump
The following we observed in the news
We cannot take a stance on these currently
They are shared here, as they have been part of our research

Things got very interesting in 2021
Was the election stolen?
Is Biden presidency even legal?

The first few months of 2021
Into March and April 2021 especially
There was hope truths would be revealed to the public

As of June 2021
The war was still going on in secret

Oct 2021
A New Declaration of Independence Declared

Nov 2022
All the above topics of 2021 seem to have gone silent

Biden is still in the role of President
Trump considers having another run at the Presidency 2026

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Trump claims Father of the Vaccine
April 30 2021

Trump claimed full responsibility for America’s successful vaccine rollout that has seen healthcare officials administer more than 200million Covid jabs to date.

Trump was speaking to Maria Bartiromo on Fox Business in response to Biden’s address to Congress on Wednesday evening marking his first 100 days in the White House.

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BREAKING NEWS: 138 Legislators/ 38 States Inked Their Names On New Declaration Of Independence! Wendy Rogers!
Oct 15 2021

“We have come to the conclusion that all 50 states need to be forensically audited. Voter rolls should be scrubbed with a canvass of the voters to ensure future integrity of our elections.”

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Kerry Cassidy Project Camelot

June 25 2021

Developing story ….

“The building that collapsed near Ivanka’s place is a threat against TRUMP and team… A particle beam/Directed Energy Weapon/Scaler weapon… From the point of view of the perpetrators the residents would be considered collateral damage….CLEARLY a warning. Just prior to Pentagon UFO Report and 4th of July festivities… This is a clear message from the Luciferian Cabal.

Keep in mind the shot across the bow is sending a message with respect to Trump’s comeback.”

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Nov 18 2020
“Conversation with Sacha Stone of The New Earth Project about the US elections 2020 and David Icke. Please SHARE.  Sacha is an internationally renowned filmmaker and founder of The New Earth Project, Humanitad and The International Tribunal For Natural Justice.”
Below is the link to Baptiste de Pape BANNED interview with David Icke.

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Nov 2 2020
At 1 hr 18 min and 1 hr 26 min David Icke offers his perspective on Trump
For our additional notes on this interview –
see Heart Plan Vision page Baptist de Pape
Saul Alinsky Rules for Radicals
“Saul Alinsky a Marxist.  Among his followers were Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton.  The book Rules for Radicals was basically a manual on how to transform a Democracy into a Marxist state.”
At 1 hr 18 min David Icke offers his perspective on Trump.
At 1 hr 26 min Icke makes connection with Rules for Radicals re: making one individual the point person to channel all the hate.
And Trump was brought into power to be that person to be hated.

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The President’s Life Is In Danger — Being Given Highly Dangerous Drugs
October 3 2020
Info Wars
Jon Rappoport breaks down the dire circumstances President Trump is in as he’s being given experimental and highly dangerous drugs as part of his coronavirus treatment at Walter Reed Hospital.

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Trump tests positive on the most unreliable diagnostic test ever devised; taking experimental drugs
by Jon Rappoport
October 3, 2020star with tail
Scott Atlas, White House coronavirus advisor
by Jon Rappoport
October 3, 2020
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