Unity Consciousness

A Conversation Between Terri Zink and Shema

12.18.19  Terri to Shema

When I woke up this morning I had an amazing thought! 
I realized that when people are talking from a place of Unity Consciousness/Oneness,
people who are of a conservative, Republican or capitalistic mindset, hear it as “communism!” 
They don’t realize it’s a paradigm shift. It’s not something that has existed on Earth before.
It is not communism. I must admit, this had confused me some as well.

So, how is Unity Consciousness/Oneness different from communism or socialism? 
Capitalism, socialism and communism are economic models.
Unity Consciousness is a total paradigm shift away from ego and self-centeredness
to a non-dualistic state where there is no “other.” All are pieces of the One.
The world is mostly now in a state of Duality where there is you and me.
There is my family, my town, my country as opposed to your family, your town, your country.
These distinctions would be meaningless in unity consciousness.

So in Unity Consciousness, one can operate from different economic models.
It is the overall consciousness from which a person would enact a chosen economic system.
It would be difficult to do “business as usual”
when a person is operating from the Unity awareness.

A person who is in Unity Consciousness,
would enact those economic systems totally different.

Greed, power, control, class consciousness, etc. would not exist for that person.
They would not work to accumulate more than they needed
or want to appear better than others through class or possessions or looks.
They would not want power over others or control them through fear.
They would not want to take control of everything and only help their friends get rich.

Unity (duality ends) vs. duality

A person operating from Unity Consciousness would look more like
they are operating from a
more socialist or communistic way of thinking.
Unity Consciousness is operating from Heart, not Mind. Economics is a mind construct.
The Heart would give it’s last dollar to someone who needed it,
knowing that another will be given to them! 
But a capitalist would not do that.



Shema in Response

that’s very beautiful and wise Terri, well said. 
what a beautiful and inspired way to awake in the morning!
I get the feeling your inner guides were working deeply with you
in the Temples during the night
and similar to my tracking of late
no surprise 
my pain body around relationship and intimacy
PTSD, family estrangement, money scarcity, etc
have been my catalyst to
direct to SOURCE
so for me
unity consciousness
is my pure spiritual path home to GOD
I’ve been in deep surrender these last few days
and reading the wisdom of ancient mystics
and spiritual truths
and in deep prayer
that I may see the oneness in all
it requires such deep courage
and commitment
to not give sway to monkey mind
the habitual thoughts of addiction
to story and duality so ingrained
I might add to unity consciousness
that it has something integral to do
with HEART also
these old paradigms seem to come out of MIND
and fear and scarcity and control
The unity consciousness path
I sense
requires commitment and surrender
to Heart
to Love
to Oneness
moment by moment
These are the states of being I explore
with Heart Plan Vision
I guess essentially expressed
with your wisely articulated thoughts here
The key projects within Heart Plan Vision
need to have at their core
Unity Consciousness
Could it be that phrase opens a door

for more inclusiveness