Visioning a New Humanity

….. Where we take care of each other, AND are Stewards for Earth’s ecosystem

Inspired by a sentiment of a dear friend
I always wanted to write a story about a possible harmonious future for humanity.
But I’m not really that kind of writer.
While the old is being destroyed, we need a positive vision for the future …
something to create in it’s place.

Let us here at Heart Plan Vision join together and share
our inspired ideas, hopes and dreams

for the world we wish to live and thrive in

We will begin to experiment with various ways to capture ideas
and build them into a cohesive vision of a life most grand and wonderful

This will be fun and very creative!

Let’s together create a space where people can plug in harmonious futures’ possibilities.
May we, as a collective, build a beautiful healing vision together

In the meantime, keep dreaming
Keep noting your ideas
And live happy
Knowing that as we believe, so we can conceive

….. thank you Terri for this contribution
One of the parts I’ve been very interested in for the future is a way to live without money.

I have been gathering information on that, and interestingly,
some of the more awakened souls these days have been talking about this.
So I hope to contribute to that.
I’m always interested in different ways to live also…
living closer to the Earth and in cleaner ways, and in community.